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David Holzman’s Diary

This movie was a poorly made video by a man named David Holzman, filmed in 1967. This movie was created, filmed, and edited by him, himself. He wanted to create this movie because he wanted to capture the real him. This is a man who wanted nothing but the blunt, cold truth about his life. This movie wasn’t exactly my favorite movie, but yet it kept me in suspense and it seemed very interesting to me.

            David described himself as a man who live in the uppers west side of New York, jobless, and his life has been “haunting” him from the obstacles he’s had to face. As he filmed different scenes of people and images, I’ve come to notice that the entire time, the news had been in the background sometimes announcing citizens who are dead, and sometimes discussing politics throughout.

            One of the characters that David introduced was a girl name Penny. Penny was David’s girlfriend, and she seemed to look very young. I recall repetitively asking myself how old she truly was? Or were women portrayed to be so innocent and helpless back then that that’s just how the dressed themselves to look the part.  Penny’s scene were always interrupted by a fight breaking out between them two because Penny demanding privacy, although she was a model. The first time he was just filming her and capturing her natural beauty when Penny threatened to leave if he didn’t turn off the camera, which did end up happening. The second time this happened, Penny was sleeping on the bed naked and he was yet again filming her, even though he promised never again to disturb her like that from the past fight that they had just recovered from. Penny was so frustrated that she broke up with David and sent Max, her agent, to pick up her belongings.

            Another character that David introduced was a girl who lived across the street that he was always filming without her consent. He seemed to be a very odd man to me after that act was done. I didn’t understand why David thought it was “normal” or “natural” to film people that weren’t aware of it. He also took great pleasure in filming this other woman on the train and he followed her until she got off and across the town until she lashed out at him.

            Another interesting piece that I noticed was that after the break-up between him and Penny, he was call her and put the phone down on the bed, not exactly hanging up but almost ignoring her in a way. This seemed very confusing to me because it made me feel as if he was only doing those acts to see what type of reactions he could raise out of people.

            I believe that I was too confused by this movie to actually be able to state whether I enjoyed it or not. I believe that too many scenes were left incomplete and without a trace of explanation. I would categories this movie as a movie that I consider to be incomplete. 


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Julie & Julia

My favorite movie!!! 🙂

Food for thought


I am a third year student here at Colby-Sawyer College. Due to safety purposes i dont think i want to reveal my name, so instead just refer to me as Muffin :). I have created this blog as a semester long assignment for my Multimedia Production Class. I am not much of a blogger, therefore when i did some reasearch as to what the hype was all about, i noticed that everyone covered every interesting apect of life already. If i were to write anything typical such as a “What to wear and what Not to wear,” blog,  my blog would be nothing but a mere repeat of this pop culture’s interest. I want to take some time within this blog to bring us back to the 90’s where every problem had a solution corresponding to a good meal. Here i will take it upon myself to keep a daily journal about the social aspects that i deal with from day to day as a 21-year-old girl in this “generation,” and I will connect them with types of foods that either help me cope, or that match/correspond to my true feelings. I believe that food solves everything almost, and what better way to deal with unwanted girl drama than with food? I know that this may be boring, but lets put aside my incredible lack of imagination and creativity and please help me pass this class….FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD!

Hope the night goes well,

Fruit roll-ups for super ,

p.s: I was inspired by the movie “Julie & Julia.” Its one of my favorite movies so please be kind, and leave me a friendly thought 🙂

“The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live.” — Confucius


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