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Get Real (1998)

April 24, 2012

Get Real (1998)

In the movie “Get real”, Stephen has a hard time coming out to the public about his former homosexual lover. His partner pressures him to expose himself as a gay teenager but he refuses to do so and stresses about what others might perceive of him.
The public, including peers, friends, parents, are the main fear of people with attraction towards someone of the same sex. They fear being judged by society, and I personally, believe that they have every reason to feel that way. Society frowns on many things, homosexuality being one of them. They fear that it is morally wrong to have a sexuality-based relationship with someone of the same sex. They believe that marriage and love should be between a man and a woman and that is classified as a family.

Due to the amount of judgment and disapproval that society contains, “youths go through an initial stage of ignoring same-sex feelings, followed by a period of actively suppressing these feelings.” (Lee A. Beaty, Identity development of homosexual youth and parental and familial influences on the coming out process) When it comes to teenagers in school, I believe that they have it worse. They have to deal with the people most important to them, and that is their peers. In the movie, Stephen gets bullied by a bunch of guys and they call him names such as “queer” and “fag” without them even knowing that he was gay. Therefore him coming out of the “closet” would really give them a reason to physically harm him all the time. At that certain age, peers and friends have a great effect on what goes on in a teenager’s life. Thus the saying “they can either make you or break you” meaning that they can either transform you into the most popular person in school or the most picked on. Nowadays students have tough times in school because of the pressure being put on them by their peers, the pressure to be better than everyone else, or to look better than everyone else. The acceptance of gays in society is not just a grownups issue, but we also see oppression in the playground, with the kids. The children bicker just as much as the adults and that child being so young usually comes out with self-esteem issues, and insecurity.


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