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Food for thought

January 26, 2012


I am a third year student here at Colby-Sawyer College. Due to safety purposes i dont think i want to reveal my name, so instead just refer to me as Muffin :). I have created this blog as a semester long assignment for my Multimedia Production Class. I am not much of a blogger, therefore when i did some reasearch as to what the hype was all about, i noticed that everyone covered every interesting apect of life already. If i were to write anything typical such as a “What to wear and what Not to wear,” blog,  my blog would be nothing but a mere repeat of this pop culture’s interest. I want to take some time within this blog to bring us back to the 90’s where every problem had a solution corresponding to a good meal. Here i will take it upon myself to keep a daily journal about the social aspects that i deal with from day to day as a 21-year-old girl in this “generation,” and I will connect them with types of foods that either help me cope, or that match/correspond to my true feelings. I believe that food solves everything almost, and what better way to deal with unwanted girl drama than with food? I know that this may be boring, but lets put aside my incredible lack of imagination and creativity and please help me pass this class….FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD!

Hope the night goes well,

Fruit roll-ups for super ,

p.s: I was inspired by the movie “Julie & Julia.” Its one of my favorite movies so please be kind, and leave me a friendly thought 🙂

“The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live.” — Confucius



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